Why we are different

At Codewrinkles Academy we focus on one bold goal: guide our students on the journey to become software developers! We firmly believe that the only way to achieve this in the shortest possible time is by going back to the roots of teaching: a fruitful mentor/student relationship. With today's technology we don't even need to be in the same place!

Mentor led sessions

Only mentor led training sessions delivered via web conferencing! Get involved, ask a lot of questions, interact with other students.


One To One mentoring

Each training course includes One To One mentoring sessions for all students.


Practical projects

No matter what the level of your training course is, we'll work on some practical projects to understand the practical side of everything we learn.


"C# for total noobs" is a course designed to get your developer career jump started. During this course, you'll learn the core C# syntax and you'll get to know the fundamental building blocks of all computer programs: variables, data types, loops, decision making, classes, methods and many more

ASP.NET Core enables you to write web applications that run both on Linux and on Windows.During this course we'll build our very first ASP.NET Core Web API from scratch. After completion we are sure that you can start looking for a software development job.

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Our mentors

Our mentors are highly knowledgeable software developers with huge experience in the IT industry. That's why our mentors can also give proper career advice to the industry newcomers.

Dan Patrascu

.Net Developer. Trainer. Codewrinkles Academy Founder

10 years experience in the IT industry, 6 of which at Microsoft. From a software development perspective, Dan concentrates on .Net Core, Angular 2+, Node.js. Highly experienced in Microsoft cloud technologies.

Daniel Costea

Trainer at Apex Code, Trainer at Scoala Informala de IT

Daniel is an ASP.Net Core enthusiast with more than 10 years experience in the IT industry. He is also a Raspberry PI hobbist and worked on several projects meant to bring IoT and .Net Core together.

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