C# for total noobs

"C# for total noobs" is a course designed to get your developer career jump started. During this course, you'll learn the core C# syntax and you'll get to know the fundamental building blocks of all computer programs: variables, data types, loops, decision making, classes, methods and many more


C# - it gets serious

In this course we start to learn some more advanced topics related to C# and programming in general. We'll learn about the principles of object oriented programming (OOP), we'll dive into some basic algorithms and data structures, we'll learn to handle exceptions, to connect to databases and asynchronous programming.


ASP.NET Core web development

ASP.NET Core enables you to write web applications that run both on Linux and on Windows.During this course we'll build our very first ASP.NET Core Web API from scratch. After completion we are sure that you can start looking for a software development job.